― The world we aspire to create ―

No matter how much the environment changes,
we aspire to create a society where everyone can utilize their abilities and continue working energetically.

― Mission to accomplish ―

We help people acquire necessary experiences and design their careers more proactively
to achieve their respective goals.
We also realize flexible working styles with a high degree of freedom
and enable everyone to have continuous rewarding careers.

The meaning behind Waris

Waris is a Somalian word
used in Africa and means “flower that blooms in the desert.”
In an age of drastic environmental changes like the deserts,
we hope to create a society where everyone can
let their “abilities” bloom like the “flowers” in their unique ways
in various stages of their respective lives.
Thus, we named our company Waris.

Services Waris offers

Currently, Waris offers the following five major services.

Profession matching service for women

Approximately 4,000 women with various professional skills are registered with Waris. The average age is 38. They are professionals with 10 to 15 years of experience in business fields such as public relations, marketing, new business development, personnel affairs, accounting, and finance. Waris matches women with expertise in these fields and companies through service agreements. Waris introduces highly professional jobs that require expertise and have a high degree of freedom to registered women, and highly skilled external resources with a potential to create innovation for companies.

“Work Again” service to help women unemployed for an extended time get back into the workforce

Our goal is to support career women who quit their jobs for child rearing/nursing care in finding jobs where they can utilize their skills. We help mothers get back to work by offering internship opportunities, career counseling, and revision of their resumes.

Promotion of diversity/active participation of women

We help conduct research/analysis, plan and execute measures to promote diversity and active participation of women at companies. We cooperate with training companies when needed.

Promotion of working style reform

To reform working styles by promoting working from home, remote work, and reduced working hours, improve productivity, and bring results, we offer consultations, improve business assignments, and support introduction of such tools/systems.

Representatives *Joint representation

Fumika Yonekura, President/Co-founder of Waris Co., Ltd.

Career Counselor qualified by CCE, Inc. certified GCDF-Japan. Born in 1975. After graduating from Keio University with a degree from the Faculty of Policy Management in 1999, she started her career at Japan Bank for International Cooperation (former Export-Import Bank of Japan). She was engaged in researches regarding direct corporate overseas investments. She later joined The Boston Consulting Group as a researcher. She was in charge of the healthcare industry and did research/analysis on medical/pharmaceutical fields. She joined Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd. in 2007. She was engaged in the establishment of new businesses in the medical field and the bridal industry. She resigned from Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd. in 2012 in hopes to support women’s careers by utilizing the CCE, Inc. certified GCDF-Japan Career Counselor qualification she obtained in 2011. She founded Waris Co., Ltd. in 2013. Full member of Career Design Institute-Japan.

Miwa Tanaka, President/Co-founder of Waris Co., Ltd.

Career Counselor qualified by CCE, Inc. certified GCDF-Japan. Career Consultant (national qualification). Born in 1978. After graduating from Keio University with a degree from the Department of Politics, Faculty of Law, she started her career at Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (former Nikkei Home Publishing, Inc) in 2001. She was engaged especially in an information magazine for working women, “Nikkei Woman,” as a journalist/editor. She has interviewed/researched over 30,000 women. To help women continue working proactively in their unique style, she resigned from Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. in 2012. After working as a freelance writer/career counselor, she established Waris Co., Ltd. in 2013. She has published a book titled, “Futsu no Kaishain ga Freelance de Kasegu.” (How an ordinary company employee can turn into a freelance worker and earn money.) Director of Professional & Parallel Career/Freelance Association Japan.

Kyoko Kawa, President/Co-founder of Waris Co., Ltd.

Born in 1984. After graduating Keio University with a degree from the Department of Policy Management, Faculty of Policy Management, she started her career at Recruit Career Co., Ltd. (former Recruit Agent) in 2007. As a member of the corporate sales team, she engaged in matching professionals with client companies in the medical industry such as foreign-affiliated medical equipment manufacturers. She was later transferred to a sales promotion division. As a consultant for new business development, she set the overall process/operations, the prerequisite for recruitment, and recruitment communication plans for companies hiring a large number of workers. She also supported business expansion from the standpoint of workers. She established Waris Co., Ltd. in April 2013 while she was still with Recruit Career Co., Ltd. and engaged in its management as a volunteer. She resigned from Recruit Career Co., Ltd. in June 2014 and started running Waris Co., Ltd. as a president.

Company Profile

Company name:

Waris Co., Ltd.
* “Waris” and its corresponding katakana notation “ワリス” are registered trade name of Waris Co., Ltd., a company that offers human resources and information on human resources.


29-20, Shiba 5-chome, Minato Ward, Tokyo, 108-0014
Cross Office Mita 806

【Fukuoka Office】
1-11-20, Akasaka, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture,810-0042
8bit Akasaka 201

* As we work remotely, we are not at the offices above at all times. Please contact us before visiting.

Contact information:

Tel: 03-5730-0777 Mail:

Representatives (Joint representation):

President/Co-founder of Waris Co., Ltd., Fumika Yonekura
President/Co-founder of Waris Co., Ltd., Miwa Tanaka
President/Co-founder of Waris Co., Ltd., Kyoko Kou

Date of establishment:

April 1st, 2013